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Payment Systems



Today electronic money of different payment systems became one of the generally recognized means of making on-line payments. Electronic money of E-gold, EvoCash, E-bullion, INTGold, NetPay, GoldMoney, StormPay, Pecunix payment systems may be considered the official currency of the virtual world. Every day major transactions are carried out, the real estate, pieces of art, cars and securities are bought using the electronic money. Electronic payment means are absolutely irreplaceable for such network forms of business such as buying web-hosting or gambling in on-line casino. Dealing with cash money, checks or transfers would make the life of the World Wide Web users more difficult. Electronic money was designed especially for Web-users; it enables them to conclude a transaction or make a purchase in just few seconds.





The system was developed in 2001. In spite of its relevant young age it is a worthy alternative for E-Gold. The company has its offices in the USA and Europe, although it is under the jurisdiction of the Dominica. The main attention in the system is given to maximally safety and security. Deposits and transfers carried out through EvoCash are well-protected from all attempts of unauthorized access.

Money of the mentioned system is Evo. One Evo equals to one US dollar, however the currency rate does not depend of the dollar exchange rate fluctuations. Money transfers from one EvoCash account to another are not subject to any commission fees.

EvoCash users are given two ways to replenish their accounts: direct credit card transfer or from a bank account, or using other electronic payment system.

The only serious disadvantage of the system is a rather long term for incoming money on the account. Unlike other systems where the money are put instantly or with some minimal delay, the EvoCash payment system may take two hours up to 24 hours for the procedure.

To open a new account in EvoCash you may visit systems web-site-

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