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Monitored by BIDHYIP.COM
Monitored by BIDHYIP.COM
Win 200% + Jackpot $20,500
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Last Payout: 763 days ago
Monitored by BIDHYIP.COM
Our Investment: $100
ROI: 45 %
Our Rate:
Payouts: Program 1. BTC 0.01-1.5, 1.2% Per Day, 18% For 15 Days Program 2. BTC 1.51-20, 1.5% Per Day, 22% For 15 Days Program 3. BTC 0.01-20, 1.8% Per Day, 54% For 30 Days Program 4. BTC 1-20, 2% Per Day, 90% For 45 Days
Min Deposit: $7
Max Deposit: $15,000
Referral Bonus: 5% 2% 1% 0.5% 0.1%%
Withdrawal: Manual
SoftmeetBit LIMITED is manned by a professional team of SoftmeetBit experts focused on specialized investments such as stock options, foreign exchanges, oil trading and exchange markets.
Lifetime: 845 Days Monitoring: 792 Days Whois 58HYIP AllHM ALLHM RU Features: RCB:
RCB Rules:
  • You must be our referral to request Referral Commission Back (RCB).
  • You can't deposit with one payment processor and request RCB from another.
  • RCB must be ordered within 24 hours after deposit. Referral Commission from older deposits will not be returned.
  • Please Do NOT submit RCB request if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission.
  • We only send RCB if we got the Referral Commission Paid.
  • RCB requests in already "on hold" programs where we did not receive RC for your deposits will be deleted in our database without further notice.
  • Multiple IDs are not allowed, please refrain from abusing the system.
  • RCB for HYIP monitors, HYIP blogs and other HYIP related sites is 500%
  • If your RCB request had been deleted, it means that you are not our referral or you broke the rules of RCB.
    If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Last 100 RCB Requests for SoftmeetBit

Date User Deposit/RCB EC(A/C) Status
2017-01-02 07:14:18 Ale*** $7.00/$0.35 Payeer-P107*** Paid