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1  Bet5k 2022-11-08 33
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  • Sticky listing price is auction-based.
  • The more you pay the higher your program is placed.
  • The minumum bid is variable and depends on the number of currently displaying sticky programs.
    0-1: Min Bid = $32; 2-15: Min Bid = Average Bid.
We will rate the HYIP programs based on our rating system, which will be influenced by payouts from our investment that we make in the HYIP programs,
and our personal opinion of the HYIP programs through various sources. (Our rating is decided by us, and may not be disputed).
  • Don't try to add Scams, your ad will be removed without any refund.
  • Banners for programs with PROBLEM / NOT PAYING status will be deactivated automatically.
  • All payments for the advertising are non-refundable.
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